Arxscan Vision
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Changing the Way You View the Data Center

Arxscan is changing the way organizations view their storage environments. We empower storage managers and administrators with full-scope clarity of the storage environment while providing the tools and information that justify the resources and performance in terms that can be shared with the business and other branches of the IT community:

Finding and understanding performance and capacity bottle necks to stay ahead of user needs and issues

Communicating cost and resource allocation to internal customers

Detailed data analysis on every aspect of the storage environment that rolls up to concise meaningful reporting to drive management objectives

Visibility to manage asset allocation, tiering and utilization

Expanding What Matters

Having a tool that the entire organization can easily use to provide insight back to IT is critical and necessary to any data center management initiative. Arxscan’s focus is on defining the data and managing it as an asset. Once defined and categorized, the information that is under management can be organized and stored to best suit the needs of the business. This insight develops a structured storage management organization and a standardized infrastructure, creating the cornerstone of storage and data management best practices.

Arxscan solves the greatest challenges facing storage management today:
Controlling the cost of data growth Creating cohesive strategies for enterprise data center initiatives Visualizing increasingly complex logical, physical and organizational topologies Tracking use and ownership of data by lines of business and users Comprehensive chargeback programs based on either allocations or actual usage Power consumption tracking and reporting Duplicate and stale data discovery Virtual server mapping back to physical assets

Avoid the issues that are commonplace with SRM solutions:
Attempts to shape the problem space around their solution Tactical solutions with no strategic vision or direction Static design models that do not adapt to the customer’s environment Narrow focus of data points, usually vendor-centric Placing the bulk of the workload on the customer’s staff Offerings that are not the primary focus of their business model

Time Tested, User Approved

Our Software, the Arxview Datacenter Analytics Engine (DCAE) is used by hundreds of companies and in all types of storage environments to drive all types of successful initiatives. Here’s just a sample of how we are helping Storage and IT professionals all over the world meet their goals:

Data center capacity and performance assessments for equipment reconfiguration and / or refresh Storage fabric tuning and daily analysis and management reporting File and LUN level data assessments for storage tiering and back-up requirements Data migration analysis and staging Data and usage ownership for chargebacks to business users Replacement of more expensive, less effective, vendor-centric storage tools

Completing the Picture

These data-centric views are the key to taking data center initiatives to the next level. Migrations, tiering, capacity-to-usage analysis or just helping users locate their data, all become manageable with Arxscan.

Overlay the Business Hierarchy

Because the structure of the business that the data center serves usually doesn’t mirror the data center itself, Arxscan’s LOB (Line of Business) reporting functionality allows you to assign server, device, and share allocations to the business hierarchy just as in real life. Arxscan then shows which internal departments (or external cloud customers) own what data on which equipment and how much of the environment each has been allocated, and how much of that they are actually using.

Assigning Usage-Based Cost

Arxview’s Chargeback feature allows you to assign cost per tier and equipment type. This cost data combined with the Line of Business (LOB) functionality allows data centers to run cost charge backs to the users based on the groups and sub-groups built in the LOB hierarchy.

Extensive File-Level Reporting

File counts, aging, locations, sizing and ownership are all available in the Arxscan solution with several levels of dynamic reporting. There is also an entire set of reports focused on Oracle, MS SQL, and Sybase databases.